Chief Plenty Coups' Historical Archive Photos

The Plenty Coups State Park has made a limited number of Chief Plenty Coups' archive photos available for public viewing on the Internet for the benefit and education of the public. This photographic presentation is the copyright property of the Chief Plenty Coups State Park. The images along with any interpretive text may only be viewed when accessing our home page. You are specifically prohibited from copying the images presented for any other purpose. Photos for private or commercial use may be requested and purchased. Please send inquiries or requests to:

Plenty Coups State Park
Box 100
Pryor, Montana 59066

Plenty Coups (A leck - Chea - Ahoosh)
meaning many achievements wears
traditonal eagle feathers, ermine skins
and other trapping representing coups
and status.
# 25796

Plenty Coups on his favorite "white
horse"and flag awarded to him from
the commissioner of Indian Affaris
F. E. Leapp on August 25th, 1905.

# 25797

A leck - Chea - Ahoosh, or Plenty
Coups was the Transitional leader
for the nomadic buffalo hunters in
the difficult acceptance of inevitable

# 257921

Plenty Coups and his step-daughter

# 257930

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