The Chief Plenty Coups Sate Park is 35 miles south of Billings, Montana, and one mile West of Pryor. From downtown Billings, follow 27th street South to Interstate interchange # 449--enter I 90 to West. Exit on next interchange # (447) and turn left (South). Watch for Park sign on right just South of interchange. You are on Highway 416 (or Blue Creek road). Travel South and East until you intersect with Pryor Creek road (look for sign on right) turn right and proceed 17 miles. Once in Pryor you will turn right at the south end of town, and the chief Plenty Coups State Park is one mile to the west.

An Alternative Route Would Be:

Get onto I-90 east and exit at 452 onto the Old Hardin road. Follow the Old Hardin Road until it intersects with the Pryor Creek Road (approximately 11 miles). Turn right on the Pryor Creek Road heading south to Pryor, Montana. Once in Pryor, you will turn right sought of town, and the Chief Plenty Coups State Park is a short distance to the west.

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