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Rosa Yearout and her Grand Daughter

Chief Ollokot was Chief Joseph's brother. Ollokot was unable to gather his horses to move them onto the Nez Perce Reservation at Lapwai from the Wallowa Mountain pastures as odered by General Howard. Ollokot entrusted the Appaloosas he could not gather to a white rancher who had settled in the Wallowas.

Chief Ollokot was killed at the Bears Paw Battle and never returned. The rancher's family members gave Chief Ollokot's descendant horses back to the Nez Perce Tribe in the 1980's who in turn gave them to Irvin Waters who was a direct descendant of Chief Ollokot.

In time, John & Rosa Yearout of Lapwai, Idaho, purchased the "Old Herd" Appaloosas from Irvin Waters for their M-Y Appaloosa Ranch. The Ranch owned by John and Rosa Yearout raises and sells Appaloosa colts including colts from the "Old Herd's Bloodlines.