Big Hole National Battlefield, Montana

J oin hosts, Stan and Suzie Hoggatt, and co-hosts, Louis and Shelley Carry for our Seven-day Discovery Vacation "In the Saddle on the Nez Perce Trail". Be our guests, for a very special retreat from the world, combining the adventure and outdoor activities of the American West with the rustic warm western hospitality of cowboy breakfasts, country-style dinners and peaceful mountain lodging--truly an ultimate outdoor experience to fill your treasure chest of memories.

O ur Discovery Vacation begins with a get-acquainted breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel in Billings, Montana. Following breakfast, we will depart for historic Red Lodge, Montana, before driving the scenic Beartooth Highway en-route to the Hunter Peak Ranch. Along the way, we will take time out for some hiking, fly fishing, and some spectacular waterfall and wildflower photography.

Y ellowstone and the Absaroka Wilderness are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Your experienced guides and hosts will help you to identify the abundant wildflowers, point out wildlife and birds of the region, as well as teach you horsemanship skills, which make for a safe and thoroughly enjoyable trip. Whether riding the Nez Perce Trail or hiking, photo opportunities are available at each turn in the trail. You'll especially enjoy photographing Wildlife. You can see elk moose, mountain goats, mountain sheep, grizzly bears, buffalo, and wolves.

T he epic struggle of the Nez Perce people to protect their ancestral lands is a classic story of man's will to persevere. The saga of their flight through Yellowstone Park as they escaped from the relentless pursuit of the US Army under the command of General Howard is heartrending history. The Nez Perce fled through Yellowstone Park's back-country with between 700 and 750 men, women, and children and between 2,500 and 3,000 horses. This pristine wilderness remains today much as it was when the Nez Perce traversed its majestic mountain peaks, rode along its rushing streams, and made camp in its lush mountain meadows. Stan Hoggatt, Nez Perce lecturer, historian, and photographer, will take you back to yesteryear as you ride on the trail taken by the Nez Perce people and their leaders Chief Looking Glass, Chief Joseph, Chief Lean Elk, Chief White Bird and others during the War of 1877.

T rail rides following the Nez Perce Trail through Yellowstone Park and the Absaroka Wilderness begin on Monday with a ride up the North Fork of Crandall Creek. Later in the week, you'll ride up the picturesque Papoose Creek Trail with a lunch stop in view of the majestic Papoose Peak, Closed Creek and Timber Creek headwalls. You'll enjoy other spectacular rides along the Nez Perce Trail, a geological tour through the Northern Loop of Yellowstone Park, fly fishing in the evenings, and a visit to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, at week's end. To-be-sure, your Discovery Vacation at the Hunter Peak Ranch will be a lasting and memorable experience for you.

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