Preparing & Packing for your
Discovery Vacation

Weldell Fenton
Leading Pack Train
Pelican Valley

Discovery Vacation Participants:

"In the Saddle on the Nez Perce Trail" is a unique experience for anyone able to participate. Single individuals, couples, older children and individuals including grandparents are welcome; although, older individuals need to be able to participate in horseback riding and hiking activities that are demanding. Due to the physical demands and the educational content of the program, we only encourage children 14 years and older to participate. Participants of all ages need to be in good health and physical condition. Participants should be comfortable in meeting and being with new friends, enjoy educational pursuits, traveling, sightseeing, and photography. If you are not in good shape and not able to enjoy rides of this nature in rugged country away from any amenities, then you should not book a reservation. Instead, you may prefer considering vacationing at the 7 D Ranch or an alternate Discovery Vacation with Stan Hoggatt and the Hunter Peak Ranch, which is less physically demanding.

Packing for Your Vacation:

Packing for a pack trip is always a challenge. The object in packing is to bring enough personal items to be comfortable, but to bring no excess items. Please limit your packing so that all items will fit into a standard military-sized duffel bag. Packing the total amount of personal items into 2 smaller bags is preferable to packing in one large duffel bag provided the total weight remains the same, but either system will work. You'll also want to bring a day pack which should be packed in the duffel bag when not in use and not used as a separate piece of luggage. Camera and sleeping equipment are separate items. If you prefer, the 7 D Ranch can provide sleeping equipment to eliminate the need for you to travel with it. The following checklist of items has been developed to help you pack for your vacation.

Bandanna or scarf
Binoculars (optional)
Blue jeans (2 pairs)
Camera and film
Cowboy boots with walking heels (if you prefer, hiking boots can be substituted)
Day pack
Fishing gear that breaks down and can easily be packed in a saddle bag
Hiking shoes/boots
Mosquito repellent
Notebook and pencil (if you want to take notes)
Rain gear (good quality)
15' of light rope for hanging wet items to dry
Sleeping bag (the Ranch can provide one if you like)
Shirts (2 long sleeved)
Swimming trunks/shorts
Sweater, sweatshirt, or light-weight jacket for cool evenings
Tennis shoes/sandals for walking on rocky stream beds when swimming
Underclothes and socks (a change of underpants and socks is recommended each day, but undershirts can be worn more than once to help keep clothing items down)
Toiletries (include chapstick & handi-wipes)
Washcloth & towel
Water bottle
Whiskey flask (optional)

Note: Total combined weight may not exceed 30 pounds

You may bring a separate suitcase containing clothing and other items for your use at the end of the pack trip and for your return trip home. This suitcase will not be taken on the pack trip with you. Instead, Suzie will take it with her, so that she can bring it to the Ranch the day we complete our ride.

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